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Track and Railway OperationsSlot Management in Rail Freight Yards

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Slot Management in Rail Freight Yards and Terminals

Simulation of capacity utilisation of railway infrastructure

In order to estimate whether future container traffic from and to the port of Hamburg can be handled in a reliable way on the existing railway infrastructure, and also to examine the capacity reserves and bottlenecks, the railway operations and logistics activities in the area of the port’s railway network were analysed.

Processes and interactions between participating companies (infrastructure operators, terminal operators, transport companies etc.) were evaluated, based on the analysis of the logistics processes, their sequence and duration. Also, locations and dwell times of freight rolling stock in the port area could be determined. The results, together with a prognosis of freight transport volumes in 2015, were an input for a capacity simulation on the railway network, as well as for the definition of key performance indicators, such as the quality of operations or the throughput time of freight wagons.



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