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The vision of automated driving is within grasp. In all modes of transport driver assistance systems have become the standard. In many cities all over the globe fully automated metro systems operate for some years. So, what is needed for further steps towards full automation? 

The European research project Drive2TheFuture aims to find out, which stakeholders are to be considered on the route to fully automated modes of transport, whether it is road, rail, water or air transport. Furthermore, necessary interfaces between human and machine (HMI - Human Machine Interface) are to be designed and tested.

The Chair of Track and Rail Operations at TU Berlin is one of 31 project partners from 12 European countries. It will analyse and develop necessary definitions and requirements and, in the main part, develope and test an HMI pilot site for fully automated rail operations - all from the rail operator's perspective. A significant portion of the work will be done in our Railway Operations Laboratory.

Total term
May 2019 - May 2022
Total budget
€ 3.9 Mio.

Drive2TheFuture is co-funded by the European Union under Horizon 2020, Research and Innovation Directorate General under Grant Agreement No. 815001.

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