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Die Veröffentlichungen in Fachzeitschriften von Mitarbeitern unseres Fachgebietes sind nachfolgend nach den Jahren ihres Erscheinens geordnet.

Future Prospects on Railway Freight Transportation - A Particular View of the Weight Issue on Intermodal Trains
Zitatschlüssel CarrilloZanuy_Dissertation
Autor Carrillo Zanuy, Armando
Jahr 2013
Schule Technische Universität Berlin
Zusammenfassung The present work analyses the issue of the deadweight in intermodal trains and states that this weight is excessive for the current and future intermodal transportation. In this way, the common intermodal units are considered light elements that would be more efficiently transported in lighter railway wagons. An analysis of the actual railway and intermodal market with important statistics- inputs and trend forecasts is provided in order to demonstrate this affirmation. The work also addresses the issue of the length of the intermodal wagons and how this has an influence on their loading properties (loading schemes). It concludes that longer surfaces without interruptions lead to better loading arrangements that cover a broader spectrum of loading cases. The combination of these two concepts, longer and lighter wagons, crystalize in the form of VELWagon, which is an Eu project that has been deeply analysed in this thesis. The VEL-Wagon concept strives for longer loading surfaces with same or fewer...
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